Pine Cone Elf


I was so excited when I came across these sweet little pine cone elves from this shop.
The seller sells them in sets of three, but  is unfortunately (for us)
on vacation from her shop at the moment.

While I absolutely support buying from crafters and their shops, and encourage you
to do the same... They look simple enough to make yourself (since she is away), and could
be a fantastic follow up (or alternative) to the elf craft in this post from the other day.

Kiddos will have so much fun gathering all the pine cones!!
Which is ALWAYS a fun outdoor activity!

Oh my gosh, how many different ways could we use these little guys??
Ornaments (which is how she suggests)
Attach to gifts as fun little adornments
Wine glass identifiers
In a Christmas village as an alternative to traditional snowmen
Presents for children's friends, or teacher
Attach to a Christmas card as a thoughtful personal touch
Place markers at the Christmas dinner table
Kids can attach them to string, and have a pine cone elf marionette show

I could go on all day!

All the images in this post are from the original shop.

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