Snowflake Tutorial

I mentioned in an earlier post that we are creating our own white Christmas
this year, and that is no joke. Jeff and I (mostly Jeff because he is amazing) made dozens
of paper snowflakes in a variety of sizes, dusted them with fine glitter (fairy dust I think 
it was called), and will hang them in the windows with fishing line on Christmas Eve
to make it look like it's snowing when Lola wakes up on Christmas Day.
Pictures of the windows here.

Below I have demonstrated how to fold the paper, and cut the snowflakes.

 Start with a square.

Fold in half to make a triangle.

Fold in half again to make smaller triangle.

From the pointed side, fold into thirds.
 This is the hardest part.

After both sides are folded this is what it will look like.

 If you were to open up the last two folds, 
this is where the creases are.

 Cut off the bits that hang over.

 You will be left with a triangle.

Now for the fun and creative part, cut your design.
Cut away more paper than you think that you should, the negative space
is what gives snowflakes their delicate lace-like design
making sure that you leave
bits of the edges so that it holds together.

See how I cut most of the paper away?

Unfold, and be amazed by your genius!

For those of you who are nervous about jumping right in and free-handing
your own flakes, I posted a few of the flakes that we made below so that you can get an idea of what to cut away to get different the patterns.


Tips to remember when making your own flakes:
Snowflakes are all different, so don't worry about making them the same. Besides I think
a grouping looks best when there is a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles.
Use very sharp small scissors.

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  1. fantastic! i am always afraid to cut too much, but you are absolutely right!

    Lola is going to love waking up to her white christmas!