White Christmas

I thought I'd share a few pictures from
the Christmas we went in search of the perfect tree on snowshoes.

This was back when Jet was our only baby.

That shadowy figure is Jet, the snow was so deep that day it was almost over his head.

I never did remember to zip up my pockets.

Jeff taking a little break after a few miles, and before cutting down the tree.

This is about when he realized that he had forgotten the ropes to
pull the tree out of the woods. When we got home, the were on the front porch.

Waiting so patiently!

I'm disappointed that I didn't take a better photo of the decorated tree, because it really
did look great, I think you can get the idea though. It was very minimal, and very Scandinavian with only a few porcelain birds, large felted snowflakes, cranberries, pine cones, white lights and one trout for Jeff.

Truly a storybook Christmas for us.

This year we are going to be making our own white Christmas, 
look forward to that post in a bit.

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