It Must Be Santa


Lola's visit to Santa went great! 
We went right when the mall opened to lessen any chance of Lola being completely over it before she even got up to see Santa. Unfortunately, walking right into the mall and up to Santa didn't give her much of a chance to get used to the idea of him before she sat on his lap. All in all, it was a great experience for all of us with no tears...although I think that Jeff was a little misty for a second.

For older kiddos, below are some pretty amazing Santa activities.

Seeing is believing! Upload a photo of your living room here.

Then chose the Santa that best works in your room,
and print your picture for kiddos to find in the morning.
Three photos are $9.95, but well worth the memories, especially if your little one doubting!

Email Santa and get a response here.

Or you could always have a friend or neighbor whose handwriting wouln't be recognizable
write a handwritten letter to your little one, and stamp it with this North Pole post mark.

Or if you REALLY want to blow their little minds...

Visit Santa at North Pole Resorts in Upstate New York for and entire weekend.

How amazing would that be for little kids...? 
or for the moms and dads who get to take them there?
I can't stop smiling at even the thought of how happy kiddos must be when they are there! 
A life long family memory for certain!

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