Magnificently Magnified

I first saw these plush toys in a shop in Telluride a while back, and thought that
they were absolutely hilarious. They are viruses, cells, microorganisms and germs
magnified thousands of times and made into plush dolls...pure genius.

They are absolutely clever, positively gross, and just the perfect amount of wildly
disturbing that makes them actually cute, and just the sort of thing I love. I looked up
their site and it turns out that they have hundreds of dolls to choose from including
E.coli, red blood cell (shown), and algae.

 And while I could never bring myself to allow Lola to play with a black mold (left), 
MRSA (center), or chlamydia (right), doll...


I have no problem with  her playing with the brain cell (left)!
Heck, they are so cheap ($8.95)....Maybe I'll get her the water bear (middle),
and the stem cell (right) too, just because I love them so much.  

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