Christmas Tree Skirt

My mom was going to a tree trimming party and invited Lola to go with her,
which was awesome because I knew she would have tons of fun, BUT she didn't have
anything festive to wear. I hadn't gotten her Christmas dress yet, and really didn't want
to spend a ton of money on something that I figured she would only wear once.
Another problem is that her new shoes haven't arrived yet, and so whatever
she wears will have to go with her pink converse sneakers.

Later that night, I was in Walmart and spotted this velvety $2 kitchen towel with adorable stylized Christmas trees that just happened to be in the perfect color palette. IDEA...I would make Lola a skirt out of this $2 towel, she would be completely festive, and I don't have to be sad about her only wearing something once.

Lola and my mom both had a blast at the Trim the Tree Party, 
so much so that Lola slept in until 9 the next morning! 
...not sure how late mom slept, :O)

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