Trick or Treat

We bought Lola's duck costume, it came with the striped tights, but did not have
any feet. So, I made her some. It was super easy, and would work for just about any
costume with only a few tweaks needed for customization.

 I traced about an inch and a half around the outside of the shoes Lola
was going to wear, adding duck toes at the front, and cut out the two pieces.

Then I folded the foot pieces in half and made cuts in a star-burst pattern
for Lola's foot to fit through.

Next, I had Lola slip her foot through the star-burst cuts and then I put her shoe on to
make sure that the duck foot would fit perfectly. I folded the back of the felt foot over so that the edge of the foot would be parallel with the bottom of her shoe.

I made a small dot so that I would know where to tack down the felt.

I also made one on the inside so that I could easily and quickly match the dots,
and know that my folds were in the right place.

I sewed a few small stitches where the dots met, and at the corner where the
material folded over on the inside of the foot. I also tacked down the top of the fold. 
You can see the stitches in the photo above. 

This is what the finished foot will look like.

The feet took about 20 minutes to make (including the time that it took
me to figure out how i was going to do it
) and totally completed the costume. 

If you have an older kid who would be running to doors to trick-or-treat you could always attach a small piece of elastic to each side of the duck foot near the front, so that it would
go under the shoe, and keep the foot from flapping up.


  1. Great idea for the duck feet. She is so adorable!!

  2. Adorable!

  3. Thank you! I'm thinking of putting bottoms on the feet so she can use them for dress up inside. If I do, I'll post so you can see how they turned out. :O)

  4. Ingenous :) I'm going to use this to make penguin feet