Miss Autumn

Instead of a traditional Jack-O-Lantern we decided to do something that
Lola could participate in, we came up with this gourd-adorned pumpkin.
We are calling her Autumn (after one of my puppy nieces).

Lola was great at collecting leaves the leaves for the hair.

To attach the gourds to the pumpkin, we used chopsticks that came with our dinner.

Simply poke the chopstick through the pumpkin where you want the nose, then push
the gourd you chose to be the nose onto the stick and but the gourd up to the pumpkin careful to not push the stick all the way through to the other side, don't worry about trimming the stick it will just be inside the pumpkin.

For the eyelashes, I took the leaves that Lola collected and fanned them to the shape
of the eye and dabbed some hot glue near the stems.

I sliced a gourd to make the eyes.
Then decide where the eyes will go, and push a chopstick into the pumpkin.

Push the eyelashes onto the chopstick, then push the eyes over the eyelashes.
You may want to add a bit of hot glue to secure the eyes as they may be heavy.
I also hot glued the seeds, so they wouldn't fall out as the gourd dried.

For the mouth, I used two small twigs, and the seeds from the gourd as teeth.
Lola's leaves are the hair, and the silly hat is made from the bag the gourds came in, and
a gourd that I halved.

All in all, it turned out pretty cute.

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