Lost and Found

A very quick apology to everyone that has been keeping, hemm... HAD been keeping up with Simply Living. I wish I had a really great reason for being MIA (like I was sailing the South Pacific, or was trekking in Nepal), but the truth is that I had simply gotten caught up in all the regular old day to day life stuff, and blogging had just gotten away from me.

I have found a bit of time in my day, and have made myself a promise to return to posting regularly! First though, I'm very excited to FINALLY announce our family photo contest winner (from back in July) in the next post. I'm also looking forward to sharing with you a bunch of really great things that I have been working on!

Oh, and to accompany my return to posting, I have given Simply Living a makeover. What do you think? I was never really happy with "the look" before, but never seemed to get around to fixing it. I look forward to your opinions! :O) 


  1. i like the new look! its peaceful, calming, clean, and simple ~ perfect for simplyliving.blogspot!