Skyr Delight

Its official, I'm in love with Skyr! 
When I was grocery shopping the other day, I was looking to pick up some
Greek yogurt, and could not take my eyes off of siggi's beautiful packaging, so naturally
I had to add a couple of flavors (orange ginger, and pomegranate passion fruit) to my
cart to try out.  Today at lunch Lola and I had the orange ginger, and I have to admit it was the best yogurt I have ever had. So me being me...had to know everything there is to know about siggi's and skyr, and started researching once Lola was snoozing. As it turns out skyr (pronounced skeer) an Icelandic tradition is actually a cheese, super healthy...high
in protein, low in fat, and absolutely delicious!

siggi's rich and creamy 6oz container fed both me and Lola, and we were both
stuffed, (well I was...and she seemed to be) and the best was only 100 calories!
OK, maybe that was the best part for my diet that I'm not as committed to as I should be.
The REAL best part about siggi's is that it's made from skim milk that comes from
grass fed cows who are not injected with hormones, and is packaged in "a cup
design that uses 40 to 50% less plastic than a  regular yogurt cup and is supported
by a recyclable cardboard sleeve."

Check out all of siggi's flavors and nutritional information here.

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