One Percent is 100% for the Planet

 One of the things that I am very excited to do on Simply Living is to feature
lesser known companies, non-profits, and foundations that are doing business
in a sustainable, green, humanitarian, or otherwise earth friendly
or compassionate manner. 

One Percent for the Planet is such an organization,
and the perfect choice as the first Green feature on Simply Living.

Below is a fantastic short film about 1% for the Planet, their beginnings, their
mission, and a few of their very first members including Patagonia, and Jack Johnson.

 They have challenged business to donate 1% of sales (not profits, SALES)
to environmental groups. Since 2002, 1,476 companies (see list here) have accepted
this philanthropic responsibility, and are donating to 2,591 environmental
organizations (see list here) across the globe. 

Please check out their website or blog to learn more.

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