Midsummer Nights

When I came across this photo of this absolutely classic little girl in this sweet,
comphy, and summery dress...I was flooded with memories of summer trips to visit
my great aunt in New York. Instantly, I could smell the honeysuckle that grew near
the back fence, could feel the warmth of my sun kissed shoulders, and remember the
energy of my loose curls gently bouncing as I stretched and leaped for fireflies at dusk.

Now that I have a little girl of my own, I find myself frequently
looking back on my own childhood reminiscing and making mental notes (and posts)
about the things that I cherish about being a kid and tell myself that I absolutely must remember to recreate those carefree memories with Lola when she's older.

...I can just see Lola catching fireflies in this sweet, summer dress in a few years, 
even the head piece is adorable!

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