Outside the Gift Box

 To give a gift is truly one of life's greatest pleasures; my beautiful sister Katie's
wedding shower was the perfect opportunity to make her feel special by "thinking
outside of the gift box"
with well designed gift wrap. I believe that when you put
as much thought into the presentation of your gift as you do to what goes inside
it becomes a visual gift as well. For Katie's gifts I wrapped the boxes in coordinating
paper, stacked them, secured them with a dab of hot glue, and adorned them with
beautiful ribbons and high quality dried flowers to resemble wedding cakes.

When wrapping gifts, waste is always concern,  I selected only beautiful
high quality supplies that could re-purposed as potpourri by simply adding a favorite
scent, as a memento of this special occasion

To create the custom monogrammed gift tags, I simply punched a hole above
the monogram on coasters that I found at my local craft store, threaded ribbon though,
and attached them to the gifts with a glue gun. I left enough ribbon so that the tags
could be re-purposed as personalized first Christmas ornaments as a married couple.


  1. I think the blog is looking good. Great idea for the gifts. They are awesome! You did a great job.

  2. Love it! ....and everyone really loved the gift wrapping!! great job!!