Coffee Break

Jeff has today off from work and this morning he expressed wanting
a special father daughter day with Lola. Just the two of them for a couple of hours.

I'd be lying if I told you my feelings weren't hurt a little when I first heard this, but after a second or two it sunk in. If they are bonding on their own, that means I get the day to myself. I haven't had one of those in well, 9.5 months. I could certainly use this time to cross off a few things on my "To Do" lists like laundry, banking, or crafts that I have been wanting to get to (Jeff is always laughing at my daily lists saying that I put more on them than I could ever possibly accomplish in five days). Instead, I think that today I'm going to curl up with a great book, and just be in the moment. Not look ahead, not multitask, just allow myself to get lost in the story, not a parenting book, not a design book, not even a blog, a real novel.

Today I'm going to revisit an old favorite, sip coffee from my favorite mug,
and not feel guilty about it one bit. Oh, and tell Jeff how much a truly
appreciate everything he does!



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