A Long Walk Home

After spending time abroad a few years ago, my friend Kimmy brought
Rabbit Proof Fence back from Australia.

It's a true story set in Australia in 1931, about three very young mixed race
girls and their journey home after having been forcibly removed from their Aboriginal mothers by the government in an effort to "save them from themselves". The girls use the fence that was built to keep rabbits from the settlements as their guide.

This is by no means action movie, and it is not one to watch when you simply want to be entertained. Rabbit Proof Fence is a true work of art, and is the perfect film for those times when you are able to settle in and absorb every detail. There is little dialogue, and is supported by stunning cinematography and an award winning soundtrack (A Long Walk Home by Peter Gabriel). I very highly recommend you put this on your list of must sees.

based on the novel by Doris Pilkington 
the daughter of the oldest girl Molly

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